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Viva Glam 2012

So as usual I’m super late but Nicki once again is bringing that Super Bass! I’ve never really been into the Viva Glam lip colors with all the other faces of the campaign but this time I think I’m going to have to give in because my girl is the 2012 face of the campaign along with Ricki Martin.

Also peep Nicki’s performance at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show!


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King Nicki!

I’m not sure if I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE Nicki Minaj! I’m not completely a Stan but I must admit that I love Nicki, all the girly Barbie ish as well as the Queen’s gangsta girl with a huge ass ish! No matter what it is! Nicki is BOMB! I had the opportunity to work with Nicki, and it made me love her more, which leads to the reason I’ve been ridiculously excited about the news Nicki’s going to have a line with OPI!

I didn’t get a chance to get PINK FRIDAY from MAC when it was released so I am for sure going to be stalking the stores and the internet for this! Enjoy the pics below!

I think KING NICKI is going to take over the world!!!!! and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

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The Minaj Experience!

Here’s Nicki…

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Rip the Runway

I know I haven’t posed but there has been a turn in events lately that has changed so much in my life. I just wanted to post a few pics of the BET Rip the Runway Nicki hosted last month.

These were ┬ámy favs looks! Sorry for the getty and wire image stamps…lol but hey I downloaded these pics the day after the shoot and never got a chance to post it.

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