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When Sh*t gets Mundane

I mean I think I’m just as tired of hearing about Solange’s hair as I am about the Rihanna/ Chris debockale….seriously! Continue reading


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My Mane!

Today I’m going to blog about my hair! Not that I do much to my hair but they few things I do seem to keep it going pretty strong. It’s been almost two years since I had my last big chop and honestly I’ve been loving my hair more than every this time around. As I stated earlier I don’t do much to it, the technique of neglect serves me pretty well but here’s my hair regimen.

1. My Holy Grail: This Nature’s Gate conditioner is honestly one of the best things that’s every happened to me! I love it, I use it on an almost daily basis depending on how I feel. But for the most part I wet or co-wash my hair everyday.

2. Leaves My Hair Soft: I use the Organix, Macadamia Oil Conditioner along with my Nature’s Gate whenever I co-wash.

3. My Daily Moisturizer: Grape seed oil is my go to oil, it moisturizes my hair and it’s light so it doesn’t weight it down.

4. For Shine and Fragrance: Carol’s Daughter Tui Oil, I’ve been using this over the years even when I had a relaxer. It smells amazing and adds a touch of shine.

5. Weekly oil treatment: Every week I put coconut oil in my hair. I usually don’t wash it out, and sometimes use it as a hot oil treatment.

Sorry I don’t have any good pics of my hair!

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