When Sh*t gets Mundane

I mean I think I’m just as tired of hearing about Solange’s hair as I am about the Rihanna/ Chris debockale….seriously!


And so was Solange according to Glamour France, she set the record straight once again…this isn’t the first time I cut my hair off and my hair doesn’t define me!

As a natrual hair girl myself I can personally say that the whole natural hair talk gets mundane! I think like Solange many of us cut our hair off several times prior to letting it grown in natural, but what’s the big deal about it? It’s just freakin hair!

As far as Solange goes I’m sure that it’s pretty freakin annoying to constantly be asked about your damn hair and your sister….shiiiiid I know I would be completely over it! It gets tired.

By the way Solange is pretty freakin dope herself and please believe it ain’t got sh*t to do with no damn hair!


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