Rihanna: When Forgivness & Olive Brunches aren’t enough!

When I first saw the photographs from this Esquire shoot I thought “That Rihanna Reign just won’t let up!”, simply because she did it again!

Another flawless photo shoot, that seems to be genuine to her personality as displayed via instagram and twitter!

Yet after reading the interview, I felt like the journalist showed up with a loaded gun ready to attack. It reminded me of when a teenager or young adult  does something foolish and your parents never let you live down …it’s like sheesh how long are you going to rag on the mature adult for decisions the  teenager or young adult made.


The whole Chris Brown ordeal happened in 2009 when she was about 20- 21 ish  which for most of us is college aged, and lord only knows the things the general public does while in college.

But nonetheless people make mistakes and the two of them have made a mends and have moved on, yet for the public that’s simply not enough. And although we live in a Christian nation where no one is to judge but God, we judge Rihanna for forgiving Chris and moving on with her life. I personally think it takes more heart and courage to forgive your attacker and choose to reconcile than it does  to hate them and hold a grudge.

When you forgive someone you take control back! Because living in fear and holding on to hate gives your attacker control. Not only has she forgiven him she did a song with him which as a musician is the ultimate Olive Brunch!

In a world that talks of nothing more than making peace when are forgiveness and olive brunches not enough?

When your Rihanna!


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