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I went beauty shopping about two weeks ago and here are the things that overshadowed everything else I purchased and currently have me obsessed!

1. I’m currently loving the Charlotte Ronson Cosmetics line at Sephora!

I initially purchased this lip gloss because I’m a freaking packaging whore! lol If it has nice packaging I’m usually sold and this heart shaped lip gloss tube grabbed my attention and the fact the color I loved Eleanor is my Grandmother’s namesake sealed the deal.

I love this gloss, it’s light and gives my lips a perfect shimmer for days I opt out of full on lipstick. I was completely surprised that I loved this gloss because I’m not really a gloss girl because it’s usually isn’t long lasting as opposed to lipsticks. Since I had a great experience with the gloss I can’t wait to try other products, especially the 3x A Charm Luminizer, Blush, Bronzer Palette.

2. Mac Sheen Supreme in Behave Yourself

I’ve been into these pale pinks for some reason lately and this is my current go to color. I love the way it looks on my brown skin it’s just perfect combination of color and texture. It’s Better than my tinted Burt’s Bees for color and lighter than regular lipsticks, but it’s just as moisturizing as the BB’s.

3. The last of my current obsessions is Love, Chloe

I LOVE this fragrance! Like seriously LOVE it! It’s up there with Escada Sentiment and CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle It’s so soft and feminine, it makes me feel very ladylike and graceful. I’ve been wearing nonstop!

Until next time!
xoxoxo Davi!


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“Screams from the Haters, got a nice ring to it….I guess every super hero needs theme music!”- Power, Kanye West

So I have a confession I’m a Kanye STAN! Yes I said it! I’m an overzealous fan that truly believe he could do no wrong because even his bad ish completely shits on most people’s best ish!

So my opinion of his Dw line was summed up by Mister West himself in his stark statement to the press  “This is my first collection. Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow”.

I think  the critic were a bit hard on Yeezy, his first collection was shown to the masses while most designers first collections were shown only in their first year of design school. Kanye’s an ambitious man and he surely has a track record of making his dreams come true and getting increasingly better at his craft over time. I believe his Fashion career will shadow his work as a Producer, an Artist, and a Director…


All I have to say is “You Mother F*kers is crazy if you don’t love Kanye” lol

The video just makes me happy! lol

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