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My Resort 2012 Favs

Here are a few of my fav looks from Resort 2012!


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“Focus on your focus…I can feed you!”

I love that line from Beyonce’s “Upgrade you”

One of my new roles I’ve been embracing is being a “Stay at home Girlfriend”, (sounds a lot better than unemployed right? lol) and of course what comes with that role is taking care of home in every capacity, and while doing so I discovered that I LOVE to cook! Yes I said it…I absolutely love to cook! One of my favorite things to make is sauce! Especially Tomato sauce to go over pasta. Here is what my dinner looked like from last night…enjoy!

The first set of ingredients

Now the sauces!

Awakening those flavors! (In a very old pot that was my Moms)

After adding the sauces!

Yes…I know the plating is bad but here is the end result!

I also made enough to jar for the next week!

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Walks in Parks! Poetically!

I’m an Auntie to a ton of kids! lol I’m the youngest of seven and I’m the only one who’s yet to have children, I can’t say I’m the best Auntie in the world but I love those kids to death! Most of them are already taller than me and are going through weird teenager phases but recently I got to spend the day with one of my younger nieces and I had a great time.

We took a little trip to my neighborhood park and talked about a little bit of everything! One of the things we talked about was “Poetry” it just happens to be a favorite of both of ours, she’s a little poet and in the moment she told me I felt all warm inside! I encouraged her to keep writing even if what she writes isn’t exactly like everyone else she hears, and that being unique  special and writing what you feels is most important! On this day I felt great! I hope the little one did too..

She loves animals and wanted to pick up the ducks…lol

Poor Duck! lol

The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful!

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Honey I’m giving you LIFE!!!

So I’ve decided to revive my blog, since I’ve been doing some pretty awesome things lately like volunteering, getting fit, cooking, brushing up my photography skills and few other random things I’d like to share.

Of course Fashion is still the love of my life but as of late I’m been more intrigued by lifestyle blogs, magazines and tv shows as well as business topics like the stock market and new business ventures. Some of the things I’ve really gotten into over the past six months has been cooking, the natural lifestyle (including natural hair, healthy eating, exercise and meditation), home improvements, interior design and gardening.

I hope you guys enjoy some of my new interest and ventures. Stay tune for updates!


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