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The Burberry Position

I just recently finished up a case analysis on the repositioning of Burberry and I must admit I was extremely impressed by the bang up job Rose Marie Bravo and her team did with turning around Burberry. This dream team completely transformed Burberry from being an old stuffy staple garment brand into a fashion forward brand that should and could rip the runways with the best of the industry.

I decided to write about this because I find that so many people who claim they love fashion solely contribute the greatness of a fashion house/brand/company to the the designers; when in fact a successful brand has a fabulous partnership of creative and business minds. It was Bravo that simply had an idea of what Burberry should be and as soon as she took on the position of CEO she jumped completely in telling her husband, something along the lines of she was going into a black hole and she had no idea of when she would return. Her dedication to her position was simply amazing!

Bravo felt like Burberry had the potential to redefine it’s role in the luxury market, and be both classic and fashion forward; and with the tailoring of it’s core products for Burberry London, the roll out of Burberry Prorsum, and the major refining of licensing agreements Burberry was able to reach it’s full potential.

The team held no punches and rolled out an amazing advertising campaign featuring Kate Moss and Stella Tennant. The campaign was the first under Bravo’s reign and had the creative backing of Photographer: Mario Testino, Creative Director: Fabien Baron, and Advertising Agent: David Lipman. The ads presented a new fresh Burberry look by featuring the somewhat edgy Kate Moss  and the more conservative Stella Tennant, presenting a medium of the classic and fashion forward image Burberry wanted to present.

I remember feeling like Burberry’s image was completely different from the Burberry I grewup seeing and it’s a great feeling to know the who, what, when, where and why to what you watched transpire. And if it were not for the hard work that team put in during the late 1990’s early 2000’s would Burberry be the brand we all know and love.

* All pictures are slides from my powerpoint presentation for the assignment taken from the web.


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It’s a small world afterall

If  you’re not in the Fashion Industry yet here’s rule #1: This beautiful industry is entirely too small! Here’s a brief example:

Last year right before I started school I briefly (literally briefly) interned at Stylelikeu and had the pleasure of meeting the Lovely pair Elisa Goodkind and her lovely daughter Lily whom are the amazing minds behind the site.

After my brief stint there I ventured back into the world of Styling and Assisted the fabulous Fatima B, and during this time we were going nuts working on team Minaj during here insane somewhat introduction to the mass media and she was on like every hip-hop track ever that was hot and was set to host BET’s Rip the Runway. We found out completely short notice and had like 2 or 3 days to gear up for the show, on top of working on like 10 other projects.

The Fab Fatima B

During that time it was crazy calling showrooms and designers trying to get in to pull things for the show on such short notice  so the team had to go into magician mode. Luckily for the team Fatima B’s friends with the lovely and talented Laquan Smith and asked for a huge favor last minute and of course he totally came through! But of course since it was literally last minute he needed some time to accommodate us, therefore instead of using a messenger or waiting for Laquan to come to the city I made the long trek into Queens, in this weather!

A pic I took that day during my travels

Nevertheless the dress was absolutely fabulous and was one of the looks Nicki wore on the show paired wi th Giuseppe Zanotti booties and Laure Luxe harness!

Picture from Blaq Vixen Beauty

Once I got to Queens after the longest train ride EVER! and my first experience with an NYC bus, I was extremely cold and semi wet but was extremely pleased when I met Laquan. He was extremely gracious, and down to earth and for the brief 20 or so minutes I was in his home I felt extremely comfortable. He and his family were extremely welcoming and it was a pleasure to met someone like him whom I’m sure is going to make a huge and defining mark on this industry!

Laquan picture from Stylelikeu

Nevertheless these two stories came together this morning when I decided to checkout Stylelikeu and came across Laquan Smith’s  feature and although my interactions with both were brief and in many ways insignificant things like this happen on a daily on a much grander scale so remember, no matter how small your interactions may be every one counts! Check out his feature:

P.S.: One of the first thing Mariel taught me was the importance of networking and relationships because in this industry your reputation is all you have, and although we all make mistakes and drop the ball sometimes make sure your hard work out weights your screw ups!



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Breezy Art!


I truly enjoyed watching this, I love when people love art like I do!

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Lately I’ve been wondering what exactly I want this blog to become and it’s still unclear to me, so for now my personal rants and interesting finds will have to do.  Yet this blog won’t be much like my older blog that was more personal and it won’t be like my tumblr which is completely visual, it will be a combination of my day to day reads, struggles with MBA projects, muses, art projects, jewelry projects, random stylist gigs, internships and most of all the love of my life! (my ever changing career) but mostly this will be a space where I get inspired and display my inspirations! Like this little jewel below! lol

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HAPPY 2011!

Happy New Year!

I’m claiming a wonder 2011! I’m hoping to make a lot of great moves this year including finishing the MBA program at LIM College, Traveling through Europe, Moving to California, and most importantly getting married and having a child. Hopefully the in between time will be filled with fabulous times, making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, getting great grade and internships and ending with a great JOB in FASHION! But in the meantime I have a few New Years Resolutions Goals!

  1. Live without FEAR! (I’ve allowed FEAR to stop me from reaching certain goals)
  2. Stop living in my head. (I say I like tons of things and want to go to tons of places and never go, 2011 I’m going!)
  3. Start Agency & Jewelry Line
  4. Be a better lover, daughter,  sister, aunt, and friend
  5. Get fit
  6. Maintain my natural hair


School: I’ve learned so much in this past couple of semesters! I feel like I’m starting to come into my own as far as the business side of fashion is concerned. I’m interested in things I’d never thought I would be like stock prices and watching the market; I’m watching the LVMH & Hermes battle like it’s the Superbowl or the World Series or something. I’ve been so amazed by being introduced to a completely different aspect of the Fashion world and honestly it feels great. There’s been several times where I questioned if I’d made the right decisions by leaving Team Rihanna and then Team Minaj and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! and although I don’t see any immediate results in career advancement with what I’m learning I know I’m way more equipped to become a force to be reckoned with. Overall the program is great! My classmates are AWESOME!!!!!  and I’m hoping I’ve made some lifetimes associates and a couple of friends!

Internship: So much has changed since my last posting  although the career action has slowed down a bit. I left MC in November a bit earlier than expected due to a family accident/emergency; but honestly I don’t feel like I was going to miss anything. After a while going to MC was like taking a remedial course, you know everything being taught but somehow missed the exclusion exam, but nonetheless it was a great experience for what it was. I wish I could have completed the entire internship but sometimes things happen you can’t control. right?

Over all the experience was ok! I would most def recommend a young lady or man who has a desire to be a Stylist and one day an Editor to apply to the Fashion Closet; I believe it was just no something for someone with career experience to venture into. The atmosphere was awesome full of creative young and older people whom were most def going to be in the industry for the long haul! But for me it was just too controlled and I felt like I could have done much more if I had the opportunity, but the duty of an intern at a fashion magazine is pretty much sample trafficking, board making, errand running, data base updates and other small task. While I was in the mist of the internship I realized I didn’t want to work at a magazine unless I was an Editors Assistant or an Editor. Hopefully next term I will be able to find a great internship (if I’m not employed) and an even better one at the end of my program!

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