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Smiling Faces… and red stars!!!

It feels like I’ve completely left my body and been a zombie for the past few weeks! I’ve been absolutely vacant, trying to figure out exactly what I’m going to do with this career of mine. I mean I’m no Spring chicken, (although I’m sure I could pass for 21) so I kind of need to figure it out for sure this year…Working on my MBA does count for something…right? lol

Well in other news…school is going really well! I’ve gotten A’s on all my projects and midterms! Yaaay!!! The term is almost over and then on to the NEXT!!! I’ve been totally surprising myself with my focus…and the surprise has been extremely pleasant! So far going back to school seems to be the right choice, although I have a few loose ends to fasten up! But I’ve already started working on them! Hopefully by the end of term I will have them all completed!

I decided to take a break from Styling to focus on school and I truly miss it! I wish the Stylist Lifestyle wasn’t so hectic so I could have both! I mean maybe I can but I’ve been feeling like I’d been torn between doing school work and work but next term I’m going to give it a try! Hopefully I will find an internship preferably in jewelry so I can learn the business…I really need to stop dragging my feet on my start up! I promise this year is it!!!!!

Well today I will be with my lady (Little Brown Girl) and having a Family dinner for my Mommy!



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The Minaj Experience!

Here’s Nicki…

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We spend most of our lives and careers working towards gaining some sort of power or status…don’t we? When it comes to Power and the Fashion Industry one name rings every bell there is…ANNA WINTOUR!

We all know Anna Wintour as the voice of reason or the unreasonable voice (which ever you prefer) in the Industry, and rather you discovered her as a faithful reader of Vogue or via “Devil Wears Prada” fame you know that her “Reign just won’t let up!” (singing to the tune of Rihanna’s “Hard”). To have a career like hers would be a dream come true, even with the hard work and sacrifice that’s necessary to achieve such status/gain such power. Let’s be real…the Editor of Vogue doesn’t have much of a life outside the magazine, just looking at her schedule would make me tired! But hey…who cares about family, friends and sleep when you could be a LEGEND! lmao!

Anna Wintour has had the 2nd longest reign at Vogue being Editor for 22 years,  2nd to Edna Woolman Chase, she was Editor for 38 years! Vogue is very lucky to have had very committed women hold the title of Editor-in-Chief, because most marriages don’t last that long. (But that’s another blog)

After watching “The September Issue” I have a new respect for Wintour, in many ways she’s just like the rest of us. Her father pretty much planned her career, her siblings think her job is a joke, she’s dedicated to her dreams and visions! And we all know her name and story…if you like it or not….Wintour is FASHION!

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