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Valentino…The Last Emperor

As I’m tried to compose myself to write these papers for my two current classes Quantitative Business Methods and Global Management and Leadership I watched Valentino The Last Emperor.

As I watched the thing that stood out to me the most was the way his long time lover of 45 years went out of his way to make everything perfect for Valentino. I loved the way Valentino took the things he said to heart and decided to make changes at the last moment simply because his lover made simple comments about how things looked. It reminded me of my life and my lover! Although Valentino was the artist, his lover’s opinion made all the difference. As Drake says, “What’s a star when his biggest fan is missing?”.

Besides the fact that I thought the movie was a divine love story ending with Valentino’s lover throwing him the largest celebration to display his 45 years of artistry; I thought it was a sad story of how big business had taken over the artistry of the fashion industry. I hate how the business aspect has had such an influence over how artist make history. Valentino is one of the greatest artist to create during my life and can never be replaced. I think when a company, especially a fashion starts to be divided up by shares the shareholders should do almost everything they can to please and accommodate the artist. Especially the greats like Valentino whom have built the company in which they are to profit from. Which didn’t happen in Valentino’s case and resulted in his retirement.

During the 45th Anniversary Celebration the wall of dresses and the main entry way that was lined in dresses almost brought me to tears. To see the culmination  of his life’s work displayed in this gallery was so moving, it was amazing to see his greatness defy time! To be able to remain innovative and fashion forward for 45 years is beyond believable.

Valentino is indeed…The Last Emperor!


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Skool Daze!

I initally started this blog to document my life working as a Stylist because the day to day things that we do are either over looked or simply unknown to most ppl. Yet in the process I’ve gotten completely neglectful! While working I’m usually so exhuxsed at the end of the day the only thing I want to do is crash!!!

Besides being drained I just started school as a MBA student and it’s truly giving be  a run for my money! Talk about being unprepared! Initially I thought ok, this should be pretty easy until I was hit with Pre-MBA seminars that were to be taken online with no help from a Professor!! Truthfully I’ve never really been a good student, throughout life I’ve usually done the bare minimum to pass. I know this is a terrible quality but it’s the shameful truth! Needless to say with my past of skating between passing and failing and being out of college for 6 years, I’m truly struggling!!!!!!!

I’m currently taking two classes, Quantitative Business Methods and Global Management and Leadership. The math is intimidating and the writing at times can be overwhelming. But I believe in myself and I will be successful in this endeavor and I will document my journey!

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Rip the Runway

I know I haven’t posed but there has been a turn in events lately that has changed so much in my life. I just wanted to post a few pics of the BET Rip the Runway Nicki hosted last month.

These were  my favs looks! Sorry for the getty and wire image stamps…lol but hey I downloaded these pics the day after the shoot and never got a chance to post it.

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