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Leg Work!

I’ve been working from home all day, preparing for the week to come…I think most of what Stylist do is prep! Prepare an Image in your head then hunt for designers to help make your image come to life. Which involves a lot of leg work! Leg work meaning key tapping and mouth gabbing!

It’s been quiet a while since I’ve worked as a Stylist and it seemed that not only had I forgotten what a day of returns will do to the body but also what a week of trying to get Appointments will do to the mind! 

The process of emailing and calling is mentally draining! It’s almost like being on an emotional roller coaster, one minute your up once you have the contact info to a specific showroom and the next minute your down when they send you an email saying they’re all booked up or unable to allow you to come in for whatever reason. I’m pretty much used to it and usually do things animal style and send out way more emails needed, so I figure if I send out 100 emails and make 50 calls I should at least end up with 10 or 15 appointments if I’m lucky!

I don’t think a lot of people realize all the work that goes into one look! I dont’ think people take into consideration the hard work, love and committment the teams behind the Artist put in! I understand you won’t like everything you see, but understand ppl work hard to produce every thing you see, no matter how big or small… We put in work!!!!  So RESPECT that!


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Stylist Lifestyle

Singing…”Stylist Lifestyle might don’t make it” lol in my Gucci Mane voice!

I’m strong enough now  to admit that I’m addicted to the hustle of the lifestyle of being a Stylist! After working with Mariel Haenn for a couple of years as a part of Team Rihanna, I was somewhat jaded. It took working two separate 9-5’s to realize being a Stylist isn’t a job, nor is it a career but it’s a LIFESTYLE!!!  A lifestyle that I’m absolutely addicted to, in many ways I feel like this life was chosen for me.

“This is the life I chose, well the life that chose me and if you can’t respect that your whole perception is wack” Jay-Z

It took a while for me to realize that life is what you make of it! After trying to conform to the norms of society in college I decided to follow my dreams to what ever clouds they lead me and this quote was one of my mantras:

It’s from Choices by Nicki Giovanni “If I can’t do what I want to do, then my job is to not do what I don’t want to do” 

Everyday I wake up and repeat this to myself , just as a reminder of the  hard work, love and COMMITTMENT I need to put into my career LIFESTYLE!!!

   I was reading Mariel’s blog over at We Resist Simple  and one of her quotes embodied exactly what I was thinking/feeling.

“The American dream isn’t what it used to be. But I will say this….Whatever it is that you think you want out of life….  BE and STAY committed to that thought, process, decision, and idea.  Or stand there wondering why you’re not getting what you want out
of life. The choice is yours.” Mariel Haenn

Now I’m on a voyage to revitalize my career as a Stylist. First stop! Assisting the lovely
 Fatima B! 

She’s a sweet heart and is single-handedly refining Nicki Minaj’s style. Here’s a few pictures of the jobs I’ve assisted her on so far!

 Nicki Minaj performance with Robin Thicke on Letterman

Nicki Minaj  “My Chick Bad” video with Ludacris

Nicki Minaj  “My Chick Bad” video with Ludacris
(a little glimpse of Fatima…don’t kill me! lol )  

It’s been a pleasure working with Fatima B! , and it’s just the begining, 2010 is going to be a good year!

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Art is forever!

I told myself before I can post anything related to my life on this blog I must pay tribute to one of the best Artist to live during my life.

Alexander McQueen
16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

I don’t fare to know the pain McQueen endured in his lifetime which ultimately resulted in his decision to gracefully bow out of the race of life, but I understand it was unbareable to him. All my life I’ve heard the saying “He/She died from a broken heart”, and after losing a parent myself I know the heartbreak it causes. I completely understand the rational that it’s easier to die that live with being broken indefinetly. Nevertheless although he is gone, he shall live forever in our hearts and in HISTORY as one of the GREATEST ARTIST EVER!!!!

Here’s some of his Art:

In the words of one of my Mentors: ” How dare he call this collection Ready to Wear? ”  Mariel Haenn

I think his art was magical, and he was genius! He will always live on because ART is FOREVER!!!!!

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