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hello there

 I started this blog just for the hell of it…My girlfriend is constantly calling me an Elitist…and in my defense I say “I’m way too Eclectic to be an Elitist”…hence the name…

I’m not exactly sure what direction this blog will go, so to start here’s a few of my inspiration:

Zora Neale Hurston

Chanel                                           Basquiat

Angela Davis

Dorothy Dandrige                                                   Jimi Hendrix

John Lennon

Nikki Giovanni                                 Patti Smith

Kurt Cobain

Andy Warhol                Salvador Dali                Frida Khalo

I work in Fashion and totally love it but as you can see I LOVE the ARTS in every way! I draw inspiration from great and somewhat perverse minds. Perverse in a good way! I love people who love things to a sickening extent. As I often obsess over things, hopefully posting on this blog will be one of them…



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